Tips To Prevent Wet Rot At Your Place

Wet Rot

Wet rot is the damage caused to timber or wood or structures such as furniture items prepared from them due to moisture content. As implied by the name, wet rot mainly attacks such wooden surfaces or structures that are in contact with a source of dampness or are attacked by moisture or water content.

Wet rot may cause severe or even sometimes irreparable damage to wooden structures at any place. Therefore it becomes all the more important to prevent the occurrence of wet rot so as to protect your property and the valuable assets contained in it against damage.

Wet rot keeps on growing slowly and steadily and makes the structures of the given wooden or timber structures or surfaces quite weak and ultimately result in their complete destruction. The wooden structures or surfaces lose their strength due to the attack of wet rot and may even fall down if get destroyed at a vast scale. In order to protect your property and the wooden items contained in it against wet rot, you need to prevent the same. Here are some tips to do so.

Apt and proper ventilation of the property- It is the foremost step when it comes to prevention of the wet rot at any place. You must ensure that the entire property is properly ventilated with the help of doors and windows. Even exhaust fans may be used to extract any moisture content from some of the most inaccessible places. Fresh air should circulate through your place or property in an apt and proper manner so that chances of occurrence of wet rot due to the presence of moisture content may be ruled out completely.

Prevention of entry or seepage of moisture content into the property- Since wet rot is mainly caused due to attack of moisture content only therefore you need to make sure that no surfaces especially those made up of wood are attacked by moisture content. It is best possible by sealing any cracks or holes in the property. Proper damp proofing of the given place at the time of its construction is advisable to accomplish this task well. The wooden surfaces inside the property must be set up away from sources of water or moisture.

Painting the wooden surfaces- In order to protect the timber or wooden surfaces or structures from the attack of moisture externally or due to the frontal entrance of water, these should be painted. It helps in keeping the water or moisture content from coming into contact with the wood or the timber. As a result, the attack of wet rots is also prevented automatically.

Keeping the base of wooden or timber surfaces free from soil and debris- It is to be noted that water or moisture can readily seep through the soil or other debris into the wood or timber. Therefore property owners should take care that the wooden or timber surfaces inside their property should be kept free of soil and debris. It can be done by removal of the soil or debris from the base or bottom of the wooden or timber structures.

Following these simple tips, you can readily prevent the occurrence of wet rot at your place.