Bizarre Wedding Themes

Bizarre Wedding

Though most couples choose a wedding theme that is very straight forward and classic, it’s only logical that there will be a few couples who opt for a more bizarre type of wedding given the number of people on Earth. Since weddings are such an individualized affair, you would be hard pressed to find two that are exactly the same.

However, there is a big difference between having a few personalized touches and creating a truly bizarre wedding theme, so some of them are definitely worth mentioning. Here are a few bizarre wedding themes that will make you feel better if you are thinking that a certain part of your wedding concept is a bit off the wall.

Halloween Theme

Okay, so you may be thinking that there’s nothing too strange about having a few pumpkins and ghosts as part of your wedding decorations, but there are a few people who have taken this to the extreme. Imagine walking into the ceremony venue to find fog machines and strobe lights creating a completely unbelievable theme. On top of that, you find actors dressed in scary costumes and no shortage of gory horror scenes. Though this type of wedding theme is certainly not for the faint of heart, there are couples out there who dream of such a wedding theme.

Number Theme

If you’ve ever seen the movie “23” starring Jim Carrey, then you know just how passionate (and in some cases obsessive) people can get over numbers. Throughout history, numbers have been very important for a variety of reasons, so making the leap into having them as part of a wedding theme is not that farfetched; even if at first glance it seems a bit bizarre. There are people who find meaning in the number 3, the number 7, and the number 13, so there’s no shortage of examples from which you can draw inspiration. There are even companies out there that sell number sparklers for these types of weddings to be used as wedding favors, so the there’s obviously enough demand to justify that. Though this wedding theme may not add up to everyone, it certainly is worthy of making our list of bizarre wedding themes.

Egyptian Wedding

I’ve been to a lot of different weddings that have drawn inspiration from historic time periods, and I’ve even been the best man in a wedding where the groom was Julius Caesar and I was his Roman Centurion guard. However, that bizarre wedding theme couldn’t hold a candle to on that I recently attended that was themed after the Egyptians. The groom came out dressed as a Pharaoh and the bride as Cleopatra, but that was probably the most normal part. The guest book was slips of paper that you had to deposit in a mummy shaped box, and the wedding cake was even served in fake monkey heads! I can honestly say that the attention to detail was both remarkable and disturbing, but everyone is entitled to plant their wedding the way they see fit.

These are just 3 examples of bizarre wedding themes that will either give you direction and inspiration or validate that your concept really isn’t that strange. Just remember that this day is for you and your partner, so whatever wedding theme you decide to use will be just fine.