Renovation Kuala-Lumpur& Interior Design Malaysia- Renovation Tips


1 Know what you want. Start to write down in a list what you want and need and what you want to remove in your house. Try to get agreement from people who live with you about your checklist.

For example, adding remove a room and make it another use, a bathroom or extension for your kitchen perhaps. This could help your contractor to know more detail about what you need.

2 Plan and be a wise homeowner. During the renovation, noise, dust, and distraction could cause inconvenience to you and your family, but these are often avoidable if you managed to plan well before the renovation gets started. Firstly, make sure the contractors could access to your house, and get to know their working schedule so that it would make both you and the contractor easier. You could consider planning some hangouts during the weekend to get rid of your messy and dusty house during the renovation.

3 Make sure you could communicate well with the contractor. You must totally know what you are getting into before you make any purchases or start the work. Always ask questions and confirm the details with your contractor before you make any decision regarding the renovation. Give contact access to your contractor so that they could contact you whenever there is an issue arises. This could help you and your contractor act faster and reduce misunderstandings.

4 Reserve some “Safety Money” for your renovation.

Normally, homeowners will spend around 10% to 20% more on their renovation as compared to budget. If you could spare more cash on hand, it will be easier for you in case there is any unexpected case happens such as an increase in expected material price, sudden modification during modification and many others.

5 Check your contractors before hiring. Most of homeowners find contractors via friend recommendations or word of mouth or getting review from some site. A good contractor will pay attention to all details for your renovation, such as what material, type, and will give you some recommendations on what should avoid or what should be done during renovation. After all, the best way to measure their skill is through what is their previous work in image, and this would help the most in putting confidence to all homeowners.

6 Build a specific contract for the renovation. Renovation often set an estimated period instead of an accurate start and finishes date.  Normally the renovation work start without a contract and specific date, payment schedules, material type and many more could cause massive confusion and misunderstanding. Upon starting the renovation work, some contractors might ask for a deposit of 10 to 20% of the total renovation cost. If they demand more than this figure, you can consider this a red flag. Try to avoid that contractor and find others.

7 Record your project. Simply use a book to record what product have you purchase, dates and what progress is ongoing for your renovation. This could turn out to be your memory bank of the day-to-day progress-on at a messy renovation site.

8 Visit the showrooms with your contractor. When you are on your own, you might just select the material and the price that suit your preference, but if you take a contractor with you, he could advise you on various parts such as suitability of the material, alternatives, and also pros and cons of the material that will use in the renovation.

9 Expected to have changes to original plan during renovation. You may be thinking of everything will go well when following the plan, but sometime those plans might not be going so smoothly when it comes to something unexpected. A professional contractor can offer you other solutions to solve the issue base on their past experience and knowledge to recommend what will work out the best.

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