Tips To Prolong The Life Of Your Car Batteries

Car Batteries

Most of the cars operate upon batteries and hence batteries act as the chief functional unit of the cars. So it is always advisable to keep your car battery in good working condition. Since car batteries are expensive as these have to support the heavy machinery of the vehicle for its smooth and proper functioning, therefore it is utmost important to take good care of car batteries.

But even after making so many efforts, we more often come across the problem of short-age of car batteries. So how can you ensure long life of car batteries? It can be done by following some simple tips.

Regular driving of the car- It helps in ensuring that the battery of the car is charged up to the minimum required level. It is because regular driving gives the battery enough current required for charging through the energy produced by motion of the vehicle and hence it gets charged regularly and automatically upon driving.

Shutting off all the electronics of the car- To prolong the life of your car batteries, it is advised to turn off all the electronics and other devices before shutting off the car engine. As an instance, you must ensure that you have shut down windshield, car alarm, video device, interior lights, parking lights etc. before shutting down the engine.

Keeping battery fully charged always- You must always keep checking that the car battery is fully charged even if you are not driving the car for long time. The car battery should never be drained as it will interfere with its getting started when you wish to drive it again after long time. It is because it can get charged upon driving only when it has some charging present in it already.

Regular servicing- It must be done by an auto technician who is fully trained in the job. Get the car battery cleaned properly by the technician as it helps in avoiding corrosion. It is because corrosion deposited on the battery interferes with the flow of the electrical current of the battery.

Securing car battery- Vibrations caused to the battery may lead to damage of the plates of the car battery. So you must keeping checking the terminals of the car battery to ensure that the terminals of the battery are appropriately tight. It is because loose connections also lead to breakdown of the battery parts and hence ultimately cause damage to the battery. In case any part of the car battery need repair or replacement, you must get it repaired or replaced immediately. It also helps in ensuring long life of the car battery.

Avoiding over charging- As charging below an apt level is dangerous for the battery, similarly over charging is equally harmful. It is because over-charging leads to over-heating of the battery which may even cause short-circuit in the battery and ultimately lead to damaging it.

By following these simple tips, even the life of cheap car batteries can be prolonged to considerable extent. It is because maintenance of the car battery is equally important similar to its quality.