Best Gadgets To Help Quit Smoking

Quit Smoking

The decision to quit smoking may be an easy one but the journey is a tough one. With nicotine being rated as one of the most addictive substances, you will have a rough time dealing with your body’s desire to get its normal dose and the famous craving for a burn. Thanks to technological advancement, a number of gadgets are available in the market to see you through this journey.

Nico Stopper 

This is one of the most expensive gadgets to help you quit smoking but is so far one of the most effective ones. It takes the control out of your hands by regulating the number of cigarettes you can access in a day together with the intervals. It works by locking in all your cigarettes and releasing them at set intervals. This way, you gradually wean yourself out of nicotine addiction until you are able to quit. Given its price, you are less likely to succumb to the temptation of destroying the gadget to access your cigarettes.

Neo Electronic Cigarette 

The stylish Neo Electronic cigarette is a newinnovativegadget which helps you deal with your nicotine addiction. The gadget is designed with a cwhich heats a nicotine coated liquid into vapor. When puffed, this vapor is inhaled. Additionally, this gadget enables you regulate the amount of nicotine you take since the nicotine coated liquid is availed in varying strengths. In addition the NEO battery life lasts up to 600 puffs. The vaporized nicotine is much safer than the nicotine in regular cigarettes since it is minus dangerous chemicals. Since the vapor does not burn, you do not suffer from craving the burn.

The Filtrim 

This gadget works by perforating the cigarette paper. The perforated paper reduces the value of the cigarette since it reduces both the temperature and the level of nicotine inhaled. The more the number of perforations, the lower the temperature and the less nicotine you inhale. It is advisable that you start with a few and gradually increase the number to allow your body to get accustomed to low amount of nicotine in your blood. This gadget is also good for your health since it reduces the number of chemical you inhale.

The Acuome 

This is an electronic puncture gadget which reduces your cigarette craving. It is best for people looking to lose weight. It works by applying shock points inside the wrist a minimum of eight times a day and a maximum of fifteen times a day.

The Quit Key 

This device applies a mechanism almost similar to that of a Nico stopper. Best for people with a low will power but a high sense of discipline. Your quitting depends on your ability to adhere to the machine’s instructions. It works by altering your smoking pattern. The gadget allows you to individualize this process depending on your previous smoking habit.

With the help of the above gadgets, you will reduce the risk of a relapse and also lower the possibility of suffering from the withdrawal effects. The gadgets allow you break your smoking pattern and gradually wean yourself out of smoking.