Choosing A Cycle Helmets

Cycle Helmets

Making upcycling is a great way to save money on fuel and exercise in an enjoyable way. It is also a relatively safe activity, but that doesn’t mean that cyclists should forget about safety completely. Although they are rare, cycle accidents can be extremely serious. This is why cyclists should always wear a cycle helmet. Cyclists should take time to choose their cycle helmets carefully from Tweaks Cycle’s large range.

Which Model?

Cycle helmets generally fall into three categories: sports helmets, road biking helmets, and mountain biking helmets. Sports helmets are the most affordable style and are suitable for most cyclists, but they may not offer enough protection for riders who want to go off-road. Mountain bike helmets are rugged and hard-wearing, making them ideal for off-road cyclists. Road biking helmets are aerodynamically designed for speed, making them popular with commuters.

Which Size?

Cyclists can estimate which size of helmet they should purchase by measuring around the largest part of the head. However, sizes can vary slightly so cycling helmets should always be tried on before a purchase is made. Cyclists should then look out for the following:

    • A helmet should fit firmly on the head without tilting on either side.

    • The helmet straps should fit around a rider’s ears and not over them.

    • A helmet shouldn’t obscure a rider’s vision or hearing.

  • The helmet shouldn’t feel like it sliding around when the cyclist is moving, nor should it restrict jaw movement.

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