Staff Lanyards

Staff Lanyards

If you are fed up with your staff losing their ID cards staff lanyards are the answer. They allow staff to wear their identity cards around their necks. This means that the card is always to hand and is really easy for security staff to glance at. ID cards that are kept on lanyards rarely go missing.

Some companies use identity cards that are embedded with microchips. If they are proximity chips, they can be used to automatically open and close doors as staff approaches them. They are a great way of automating and controlling access to sensitive areas of a building. However, this is not really viable without the use of lanyards. An ID card that is in a pocket usually cannot be used in this way.

Where To Buy Staff Lanyards?

The best place to buy staff lanyards is the internet. There you get a great choice and it is easy to shop around for the best deals, which, if you are buying hundreds, can be important. On the web, you will find all kinds including, beaded, nylon, and flax lanyards. You can have most of them customized to include your company branding, logo, and even your strapline.