Nissan Juke Prices


The Nissan Juke was popular from the moment it launched. Its unusual and innovative blend of SUVs and sleek sports cars proved to be irresistible to the UK public. The car a quirky sleek design that is both compact and high-powered, making it the perfect car for all, and with Nissan Juke prices so affordable, it should be everyone’s first choice for a new hatchback.


The Nissan Juke is available in three models and so the prices vary depending on which model is bought. The top model is extremely luxurious and performs to the highest standard, so it is obviously a bit more expensive at £15,695 but this is still a very affordable price for a car of this caliber.

For a more affordable car that still offers a little luxury, the Nissan Juke Acenta is ideal. It is a step down from the most expensive model but has much more to offer than the basic Visia and this is reflected in the Nissan Juke prices. The Acenta will set you back around £13,795 and the Visia £12,795 but you do get lots of great extras such as leather and chrome interior features for your money.