Proper Car Engine Care


An automobile is a big investment, and you want to keep your car on the road for as many years as possible. Proper car engine care is essential to ensure peak performance for the life of the vehicle. From oil leaks and minor engine repairs to new engine mounts and engine replacement, you can find comprehensive engine care services at affordable prices at a full-service car repair shop near you. Below is some useful information on proper car engine care.


Many factors contribute to the life of your engine, including the materials it is made from, how well it is built and how it is driven. However, the biggest factor contributing to engine longevity is maintenance. Any car, whether it’s a restored classic or fresh off the assembly line, requires regular engine care maintenance to run properly for years and years. All of the following might be an indicator that it is time for an engine tune-up:

Decreased gas mileage
Less power
Sputtering or stalling when stopped
Knocking sound when you accelerate
“Check engine” light comes on

Your car’s manual will also provide recommendations regarding scheduled engine maintenance, so be sure to follow these recommendations in order to keep your warranty valid.

Minor Repairs

From time to time, every engine requires minor repairs. Whether it’s a belt, hose or valve replacement or repairing an oil leak, keeping current with all necessary minor engine repairs will go a long way to extending the life of your engine. A qualified auto repair shop can diagnose your engine and recommend minor repairs as issues arise. When you take your car in for manufacturer-scheduled maintenance, your repair technician will perform an engine inspection to identify any potential mechanical issues. Keeping up to date on scheduled servicing, therefore, is a good way to make sure minor issues with your engine are diagnosed and fixed before they cause major problems.