Excellent Engineering And Conversion Facilities

Conversion Facilities


Our in-house engineering department led by Tom Wallace, is one of the best in the world, and can offer high quality, efficient and expert services including bespoke tooling manufacture, a massive range of processing and shaping capabilities, Such as As far as engineering and conversion of all types of foam are concerned, www.technicalfoamservices.co.uk is the best in the business.

The ability to custom-build machinery for new processes and products, rapid development of prototypes, the latest cutting edge machinery and manufacturing processes, an expert understanding of raw materials and in-house design and production capabilities.

Our engineering team is experienced and highly skilled and can guarantee you a solution to any of your requirements, always delivering results which will exceed your expectations. We are the first choice for companies in the domestic market and worldwide.

Meanwhile, our conversion facilities include marvelous machines for any processes and application, including vertical band-knife cutting, three way axis CNC cutting, die cutting, horizontal splitting, water jet cutting, hot wire cutting, deflection cutting, and kiss cutting. Furthermore, the processes we offer include thermos molding  grinding, PVC coating, embossing, adhesive coating, fabric laminating, ultrasonic welding, sewing and flow line wrapping. Of course, in the unlikely event that our standard machinery and processes cannot provide the service which you require then we will build a new machine from scratch which can provide you with exactly what you need.

We have excellent relationships with major European foam suppliers, so we can assure our customers of the highest quality and level of choice each and every time.