How To Replace The Body Of Iphone


A large section of mobile phone users now prefers to possess the iPhone 4 versions that possess unique features and facilitate effective communication with our known ones.

Many users often face problems due to some defects in the screens of the devices that in no way put any adverse effect upon incoming or outgoing calls or messaging but it is quite inconvenient to view the screens as easily as it should be in a normal course. Such situations are too embarrassing and difficult to deal with. However, necessary tips can be helpful for repairs of the screen and getting rid of the problems.

Trying yourself

You can fix the screen problems yourself too. Just take a piece of a soft cloth and clean the screen so the minor scratches or dirt is removed it gives clear images and you are able to see the features with more clarity. Never try to remove the scratches or dirt with a hard cloth or any other hard stuff as it may cause more problems than saving money for repairs of the screen.

The iPhone screen consists of three layers, i.e. a glass front panel, the digitizer attached to it, and the LCD behind these two layers. It may be noted that the digitizer and the glass panel are available in combined form and it is not possible to separate them. It is possible that the LCD may be working properly but there may be cracks in the glass and the iPhone also functions perfectly. In that case, you can fix the problem by replacing the glass panel yourself, possibly you can but, if the LCD does not work, then you have to think the other way.

Vendor, Manufacturer, or the Mechanic

In case you are unable to fix the iPhone screen problem yourself, check the warranty period of the set. If you had purchased it from an authorized supplier and there is still time for the expiry of the warranty period, approach the vendor and ask for necessary repairs or an entire replacement free of cost. Generally, they will agree to solve the problem themselves. However, if they do not respond in a positive, then do not hesitate to contact the manufacturers and ask for necessary repairs or replacement of the defective screen. It is certain that your problem will be redressed positively by the manufacturers of the iPhone as they never put their reputation at stake. You may be asked to surrender your iPhone with the company for a considerable time to enable them for proper repairs or replacement of the screen. In such a case, do ask for the receipt for the set delivered to them. Upon the expiry of the pre-set period of time, you can contact them and collect your iPhone after necessary repairs or replacement of the screen.

However, if the warranty period of the iPhone set has already expired, then there is no alternative other than to take it to the mechanic or the authorized repair center of the company who will repair the defective screen or replace the same at your own cost.